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Elley Orem Collection

Elley Orem’s Fall Collection of ready to wear women’s clothing was interesting, to say the least. Each design was unique, and Orem did an excellent job of experimenting with classic silhouettes. Parts of the garments were exaggerated to make each piece more dramatic. Making the collection take on a mix of ready to wear and couture. Orem’s experimentation was a refreshing site during this year’s Fashion week.  Orem also maintained classic fall patterns and shades, such as houndstooth.


Written by: Kandice Ross | Photo Credits: Travis Chambers

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NY Fashion Week

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I bounce when I am happy or excited about something.

Feebee, what are your passion and aspiration in life? How did you start as a Designer?

My passion and aspiration are To help people. I have had a desire to design since my teen years. I want to help people see their internal beauty externally.

Who is your inspiration in life Feebee? How do you keep inspired?

God is my inspiration. God is love, and love is what inspires me.

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